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The Azure Essence Framed Collection. Comprising six distinct pieces, each artwork is meticulously crafted with fibrous woven materials, protected under crystalline glass. The ensemble seamlessly weaves nature's calm with contemporary design, making it a captivating statement piece for any environment, be it home or professional.



- **Distinctive Design**: A collection of six, each with a unique woven design that collectively presents an artful symphony.
- **Elite Import**: Part of our select import collection, ensuring top-notch quality and distinctive style.
- **Ready to Adorn**: Arrives ready for hanging, simplifying the process for you to transform your space.
- **Preparation Time**: 10 days
- **Delivery Timeline**: Approximately 14 days
- **Artwork Dimensions (L x W x D)**: 14 in x 14 in x 2 in
- **Framed Depth**: 2 in
- **Package Details**:
  - **Box Dimensions (L x W x H)**: 43.0 in x 37.0 in x 6.0 in
  - **Box Weight**: 31.00 lbs
  - **UPC**: 741364084267


With dimensions of 43.0 in length, 14.0 in width, and 14.0 in height, this ensemble offers a harmonious blend of art and nature. 

Azure Essence Framed Collection

SKU: BG2327704-19148373