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Introducing an art piece inspired by the timeless allure of European elegance - the Distressed Old World Accent Lamp. This beautifully styled lamp is not just a lighting accessory but also a testament to classic design ethos, marrying modern functionality with an age-old rustic charm.


- **Design**: The lamp features a body molded from sturdy polyresin, harking back to old-world European designs. The intricacies of its form are accentuated by an antiqued, rustic distressed finish.

- **Shade**: A crisp white linen shade sits atop the lamp, offering a contemporary touch to its classic design.

- **Functionality**: Perfect for adding ambiance to cozy corners, lighting up bookcases, or acting as a companion on nightstands.

- **Bulb Info**: Compatible with an E-12 type bulb. Requires one bulb of a maximum of 25 watts. 


- **Material**: Sturdy Polyresin
- **Finish**: Distressed White
- **Dimensions**: Length - 6.0 in, Width - 6.0 in, Height - 14.0 in
- **Weight**: 12 pounds (Shipping Weight)
- **Shipping Method**: Parcel
- **Size Category**: Small
- **Manufacture Origin**: China
- **Case Pack**: 1
- **Lead Time**: 3 days
- **Carton Dimensions**: Width - 19 in, Height - 13 in, Depth - 13 in
- **Ship from ZIP**: 46537

**Usage and Care**:
1. **Installation**: Ensure the lamp is placed on a flat and stable surface.
2. **Cleaning**: Use a soft cloth to dust the polyresin body and the shade. Avoid using abrasive materials.
3. **Bulb Replacement**: Ensure the lamp is switched off and unplugged before replacing the bulb. 

Bring home the Distressed Old World Accent Lamp and let every corner of your room echo with the whispers of classic European tales, all while basking in its soft, ambient glow.

Old World Accent Lamp

SKU: 380539-19148940