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Elevate your interiors with Harfiy's meticulously crafted wall hanging that exudes an earthy allure. This art piece, adorned with an intricate jute-fiber circle pattern, serves as the quintessence of rustic elegance, designed especially for spaces craving a touch of nature's charm.


- **Eco-Elegance**: Crafted with natural jute, this wall adornment not only uplifts your space but also stands testament to sustainable living.
- **Rural Craftsmanship**: This gem is a tribute to the artistry and dedication of rural craftsmen. Their heart and soul, poured into hours of creation, ensures each piece is more than just decor—it's a story.
- **Unique Beauty**: Expect delightful design improvisations. Each handcrafted piece boasts slight variations, encapsulating the spontaneous creativity of artisans.
- **Earthy Palette**: The natural hues of cane and jute lend it a universal charm that complements a myriad of settings.

- **Colors**: Neutral
- **Crafting Technique**: Handmade
- **Materials**: Premium Cane & Jute
- **Dimensions (L x W x H)**: 17 in x 16 in x 0 in
- **Weight**: 260 grams
- **Care Instructions**: Gentle dusting with a dry cloth is recommended.
- **Note**: The handmade nature ensures every piece is distinct. Embrace the subtle design variations that enhance its bespoke charm.
- **Package Includes**: One Jute & Cane Harmony Wall Adornment.

Cherish the authentic and raw elegance of the Jute & Cane Harmony Wall Adornment. Beyond decor, it's a bridge between traditional artistry and modern aesthetics.

Jute & Cane Harmony Wall Adornment

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