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Art is unrepeatable, and every piece tells a different story. This is our mission: to live art, to feel art, to wear art.

We proudly introduce toweart.


A brand inspired by art, which combines what we are most passionate about. The idea arises from the continuous exploration of the world of canvas, inspired by each time we take the brush and give life to works.

Each product is a unique, unrepeatable and hand-crafted piece of art, which tells its own story. Starting from a draft (or a dream), every toweart product is made to be one of a kind.

toweart is a compound word that symbolizes the mission of “to wear art”. The logo was inspired by real handmade pieces from our first collection, which come together as the ethereal and infinite space that art is. We hope you can make this word yours, as we make it ours through every step of the process.

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